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Friday, January 21, 2005

My husband needs his own blog

My husband recently saw what he thought was an absolutely hysterical website, and he was right. Ultimate Ezzo sent him on a search of what else he could find about Ezzo on the net.

He soon happened upon two news clips by the Detroit News. (clip 1 clip 2)

After reading these he told me that he wanted me to blog about Ezzo. Now it's not like I don't have my opinion about Ezzo, and haven't written about him in the past. But right now I'm not particularly feeling "inspired" to say anything that hasn't already been said at say...ezzo.info or Aware Parent or Gentle Christian Mothers to just name a few of the places you will find opinions about Ezzo on the net--including some of my own musings on those sites.

So I suggested that my husband get his own blog to write his thoughts. Even offered to let him "hijack" my blog to write something. But no...he apparently feels that I'm the writer in our relationship. So I'm being properly submissive ;-) and creating a blog about Ezzo that includes the links in it that he wanted--and a few extra tossed in for good measure. I hope you enjoyed reading it! ;-)


Blogger candleman said...

Hi Sweetie....I remind you that you asked me to comment....SSSSoooo here goes...you get an "A" for being a "submissive wife", An "A" for killer "links" (HHmmmmm...didn't I supply 50%??) An C- for parcelling out .001% of your real knowledge on the subject..I guess you really where "uninspired":( I think you forgot the verse that says, "Thou shalt not forget whom thine Webmaster is." HHmmm.....things like the link from www.KnittedInTheWomb.com that points to your little bloggy blog here could go bye bye...hehehehe.

So I see the weasels at Gooooooogle make you join their little Blogger site in order to make a post....so now I got my own;) Too bad I forgot what I named the thing...so I guess you will have to suffer one more post from me to your blog I can get some free advertising for my musings. I hope this thing comes with a free spell and grammer checkar or my musing will go over like some Attachment Parenting advice at the upcoming Ezzofest in South Carolina. HHHmmmmm.... does he spank attachment parenting parents???..whhoooooaaaa....What are we doing in July this year;) Blog On!


"Don't worry that your children don't have "First Time Obidience".....Neither did Moses; Worry that they constantly watch and see everything you do when they are by your side."

7:42 PM, January 21, 2005  
Blogger candleman said...

Hi sweetie, it is me again, and I am here to let you know I will never have to "hijack" your blog again...I got my own! Check it out at http://myblogginess.blogspot.com/


8:59 PM, January 25, 2005  

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