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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Happy Birthday to Sean....

OMG, how did the time fly so fast? Sean turns one year old in just 6 days, and I'm NOT ready!

The girls (Jessica, 6 and Katie, 4) were discussing birthday cakes this evening. Now not to make you think I'm some sort of cake decorating expert, but they've gotten the idea that I am! And they have decided that Sean's birthday cake simply MUST have a picture of him on it. And not just any picture of him...they want a picture of him and me nursing, sitting on the rocking chair in the master bedroom. They think he would like that very much. LOL!

So here's a question for readers...how exactly do you handle birthday parties for your *4th* child? I mean really...when I had my first it was easy. It was expected that I would invite half the world to the first birthday. But now that I'm at my 4th...well I still want to celebrate this milestone for him just as much, but I feel somewhat guilty inviting people. I mean really...it seems like I'm just sticking my hand out saying "please bring presents....AGAIN!" I really would love to have everyone come just to celebrate, but not bring presents...but realistically I know that even if I tell people not to bring gifts they still will. Sigh...



Blogger Amy said...

I always pull invitees from different "pools" of kids: church, soccer team, neighborhood, etc...so it's not the same kids at every kids' party. KWIM?

10:58 AM, January 15, 2005  
Blogger Jenn said...

I know what you mean about inviting *kids* from different "pools" of kids...but we're talking about a first birthday here. The "pool" of potential invitees is basically the same for each kid--the parents' family and friends.

10:48 AM, January 17, 2005  

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